Application of coatings

Typical applications of HVOF sprayed coatings

Supersonically sprayed coatings are characterised by low porosity, which increases their resistance to abrasive wear and corrosion, and their properties are readily used in many industries.

Food industry

Media distributors, metering units, heating plates, homogeniser and piston pump plungers, bushings, filling units, motor shafts, thermiser shafts, plunger guides, Krones feeder shafts, tension rollers, control plates, takers.


Turbine engine rotor blades, landing gear components, actuators, flaps, thermal barriers.

Power generation

Turbine blades, nozzles and vanes, fan outlet.

Automotive industry

Gearbox components, engine cylinders, camshaft cams.

Transport and heavy industry

Hydraulic rollers, pistons, rudder components for ships.

Printing and paper industry

Ink application rollers, printing rollers, pivots and working surfaces of printing cylinders.

Petrochemical industry

Pump components, valve seats, ball valves, hydraulic rollers, screw conveyors, shaft protection sleeves.

Iron and glass industry

Pattern mandrels, piston rods.

Metal industry

Rollers and guides, wire rollers, sheet metal cutters.

Textile machinery

Thread guides, notching rollers, rollers, thread guiding and tensioning reels.

General industry

Pump bodies, impellers and shafts, plastic extruders, pusher cams, friction rings, bed guides, presses, machine parts.

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